“I am a nurse practitioner, and a healthcare executive, and I just want to say to nurses everywhere, and to healthcare workers that are saving lives and putting their own lives on the line….we see you, we love, we appreciate you.  The Symbolism of National Nurse Appreciation month falling in the middle of this pandemic when the world needs you as much as ever is not by accident.  On purpose. WE, the entire world, just must better job of protecting YOU. You need PPE, therapy, benefits, childcare, healthcare, and every consideration necessary for you stay on the frontlines battling to save families. Yes, gratitude for our healthcare worker is appropriate, but we need Congress and mayors and governors to treat these essential workers with the dignity of soldiers at war if we are truly in a war against this virus and nurses and healthcare workers are our frontline, if they are there defending us, we need to make lives easier for them for the well being of all. Nurses, thank you. We celebrate you and we will find a better way to treat you!!”

– Lorna Johnson
National Nurses Appreciation Month Initiative May 2020