The Lorna M Johnson Global Institute

The AFC Management Company (“AFC”), a subsidiary of Lorna M. Johnson Global Institute, is a management and consulting firm that provides business development, strategic planning, management of global assets and investments. Through collaborations, training and resources, AFC leads with integrity and expertise to provide small businesses and healthcare systems the tools they need to succeed.  We are in the midst of a global health pandemic which has exposed the gap in resources for healthcare systems throughout. AFC is meeting the need by providing critical materials to frontline healthcare workers to fight the COVID-19 crisis. Municipalities, community groups and influencers have partnered with AFC Management to save lives by providing COVID-19 testing kits, ventilators, personal protection equipment (PPE) and more.

Lorna was appointed by President Obama to the Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts and proudly served on his Healthcare Committee. Through Lorna’s network of care, she has touched the lives of thousands across many borders including East and West Africa, the Caribbean, and inner-city Los Angeles.