Lorna M Johnson

Position: Co-Moderator

The Honorable Lorna Johnson MSN, NM, NP is an accomplished business leader, philanthropist, health care professional and community advocate. A proud American citizen of Jamaican-Cuban heritage, Ms. Johnson is not content to rest on her success.

As a nurse practitioner and midwife, she founded and runs the Advanced Family Care Medical Group, an inner-city medical clinic serving thousands of patients in East and South Central Los Angeles, California. Her knowledge and expertise is sought by professionals at all levels. Developing a successful practice was a long, tough journey for Johnson, but her persistence and strong desire to become a healthcare advocate for women and families enabled her to achieve her childhood dream and touch countless lives.

She strives to help people envision better lives for themselves and encourages them to utilize available resources to accomplish that goal. Johnson proudly shared her diverse knowledge about healthcare as a committee member on President Obama’s National Health Care Advisory Committee. As a member of the President’s Committee, she encouraged the use of certified nurse midwives and nurse practitioners as primary care providers.

Johnson works globally to share her leadership and expertise. She was recruited and is tasked to serve as an essayist with the UN Foundation for Women and Girls, alongside global leaders like Melinda Gates. Through this position, she will continue to promote women and children’s health around the world.

In the area of entrepreneurship, Johnson is a real estate investor, served as President for the local chamber of commerce and has developed an outstanding business platform on which she has created partnerships to bring about needed changes in the community.

As a philanthropist, she has impacted the lives of thousands through Compassion for Teen Life, her non-profit organization dedicated to providing low-income children and their families with supportive services focused on living healthy lifestyles. She is also the past Secretary of the Los Angeles Consular Corps (the third largest in the world) and was asked to serve as the Chief of Protocol.  Lorna has been featured in numerous global, local, and national media outlets including: MSNBC, The Guardian, The Hill, Blocktech Women Conference 2019,Voice of America, NBC and Vogue Magazine.

As for her astute business sense and desire to be the best at everything she does, Johnson credits her mother who also was a strong woman and an entrepreneur. Johnson says, “My mother was a pioneering trailblazer in her time. She started off with nothing, burning coal and selling it. She was a strong role model for me and I always wanted to make my mother proud.” Johnson learned from her mother how to endure challenges, to have tenacity and stand up for what you believe in. Her mother was an entrepreneur in her own right. At a young age, she knew she would be successful at whatever she attempted, but she had no idea that her hard work would take her down paths that only a few people experience.