Press Release June 2020

“Masks, Gloves and COVID-19 testing must be part of the Fight against the Pandemic of Unequal Justice,”

Lorna M. Johnson, Nurse Midwife, and Healthcare Executive

The Battle for Protecting Healthcare Workers and the Public continues


Johnson Drives Grass Roots Effort for Legislation on Change.Org to Support Testing, Priority Protections for Healthcare Workers, keeping the Public and Healthcare Facilities Safe and Operating

Angela Bassett, Anthony Anderson, and Concerned Citizens join Midwives, Nurses and Sign Petition to #ProtectOurHeroes

LOS ANGELES, CAJune 5, 2020– Lorna M. Johnson, the founder of the Lorna M. Johnson Global Institute and a Los Angeles-based nurse-midwife, nurse practitioner and healthcare executive, is speaking out to the brave citizens protesting for justice, asking them to protect their health as well as the U.S. Healthcare workers who are serving them.

“You have to be healthy to fight for justice – the virus is still among us and does not discriminate,” Johnson said. “My heart is heavy watching these young people risking their lives, in many ways, standing up for what they believe in, in peaceful protest. We need their voices – they need our protection. They need masks, gloves, COVID-19 testing, as well as justice and prayers.”

Johnson has created a Priority of Service petition with Change.Org that demands protections and rights for nurses and healthcare workers who are front-line in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. “We must be prepared in case of a resurgence. With the reopenings, marches, and increased exposure and other threats, we need to be ready now. Our healthcare workers and systems must be given the tools that they need to continue standing on the front-lines,” added Johnson.

To sign the petition, click here. Click here to find a COVID-19 testing site near you.


Lorna M. Johnson (MSN, NM, NP) is a proud American citizen of Jamaican-Cuban heritage based in Los Angeles. She runs the Advanced Family Care Medical Group, an East LA, inner-city medical clinic, and the Lorna M. Johnson (Compassion for Teen Life) non-profit organization. Her career as a business leader for economic growth and development includes the Assistant Treasurer of the Democratic National Committee and former Honorary Consul to Jamaica in Los Angeles. An Olympic qualifying athlete, entrepreneur, and certified healthcare professional, Lorna has dedicated her life to enhancing communities through inspired-change, urban renewal, and public-private partnerships. She strives to help people envision better lives and encourage them to utilize available resources to accomplish that goal. Johnson proudly shared her diverse knowledge about healthcare as a former committee member on President Obama’s National Health Care Advisory Committee. As a former member of the President’s committee, she encouraged the use of certified nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners as primary care providers.


  • Using proper measures to keep yourself healthy during protests
  • Protecting healthcare workers and the healthcare system, so it does not break
  • Building a healthy healthcare system during emergencies through Priority Protections supports and protects healthcare workers in the United States.
  • The importance of proper testing, protocols, and supplies for healthcare workers that treat COVID-19 patients as front-line employees.
  • How we can protect healthcare workers during this pandemic, from a health perspective and economically.


As part of the Change.Org petition, supporters sign their name to request legislation to protect healthcare workers by giving them priority consideration for daily living activities during a crisis, similar to active and veteran military members. Angela Bassett and Anthony Anderson have joined over 5000 concerned citizens, midwives, nurses, and others to sign the petition to #protectourheroes.

The petition includes:

  • Mandatory PPE supplies for all Healthcare workers
  • Therapy and/or grief counseling for all healthcare workers
  • Healthcare workers should receive hazard pay and paid leave to alleviate burnout.
  • Mandatory COVID-19 testing for all healthcare workers; transparent check-in systems to protect healthcare workers from exposed peers and patients

“We must protect our healthcare workers,” said Johnson. “While the country begins to re-open, we cannot ignore the daily needs of these brave professionals both on the job and at home. We have seen massive shortages of PPE’s and protective gowns, as well as a continued lack of testing at health centers, homes, and clinics in the under served communities and inner cities. While we start to get out and begin to socialize, workout, shop, etc..we cannot forget those that are taking care of our health now and in the future. They have been heroes to this nation serving communities in saving lives. ”

Johnson created the Change.Org petition after hearing the stories and challenges of many of her fellow healthcare workers and what they are facing as they protect the citizens of the United States during the pandemic. The hazardous working conditions and challenges that their families face, and the lack of tools and resources to defend them, made her create this.

“Healthcare workers are on the front-line as first responders, nurses, and doctors, and they are in danger. We are asking for Congress to craft legislation immediately to protect them so they can continue to serve our fellow citizens,” added Johnson.

Hanna Bolte, Bolte Media